Heather Reid, a graduate of the Montserrat College of Art, works out of North Shore, Massachusetts. She is an aspiring children’s book author and freelance illustrator, and has been working with us since the summer of 2009. She says she became interested in BLISS because of a fascination for other cultures, her love for children and a desire to use her creativity to help others.

Heather recently created a set of beautiful logos for us. I especially like the one on the left – the children sitting on the letters signify that BLISS supports them while they get an education.

Heather has also been busy sketching Taghan Aga, the inspiring 11 year old Turkmen boy who is the hero of our illustrated storybook – to be rolled out in late 2010/early 2011 as part of our Business Skills curriculum. Taghan was conceived for BLISS by Chris Walters, the founder of Barakat.

Heather keeps a website at http://heatherreidstudios.com and writes on her blog at http://hreidstudios.blogspot.com/.