Every day, for 365 days, Betty Londergan is giving away $100 to a new cause that inspires her. And she’s blogging about it all! Think Julie-and-Julia meets creative philanthropy. What a fascinating idea, and what a generous woman.

She calls it “365 days of putting her money where her mouth is”. The social entrepreneurs’ grapevine is all-abuzz about her. Read about her on change.org’s blog that quotes her as saying she wants to find projects that “make [her] want to cry…make [her] feel ferociously protective…things that want to make [her] say Amen..[and] things that just make [her] feel good.” And a few days back, she appeared in Julia Moulden’s column in the Huffington Post.

Today—on the 89th day of this year-long project—Betty selected BLISS as the cause she wrote about and donated to! My phone conversation with her last night was all chatty excitement and not enough time. What really struck me was how very thrilled she was about her project (“jazzed”, in her words), and how much fun she was having doing this. I felt like a beaming parent when she called the BLISS girls “such darlings” after I shared pictures from Attock. I suppose BLISS is my child these days.

Read Betty’s post on BLISS HERE. If you’re anything like me, you won’t be able to leave her blog before browsing a dozen other entries. Each story is amazing. Each story is unique. In 3 short months, she has written about projects ranging from Wyclef Jean’s Yele Haiti to saving baby elephant orphans, to clean energy solutions, to her mom’s favorite peace organization to smart LED lights for Africa. Not only are the causes themselves moving, the entries are also extremely well-written—which shouldn’t be a surprise, given that Betty is a writer, and the author of two satirical books about motherhood.

A huge shout out from BLISS to the creative and amazing woman that is Betty Londergan. Thank you Betty! We need more people like you.