An exciting two days showcasing our work at T2F (The Second Floor) in Karachi. A huge thank you to Sabeen Mahmud, Mariam Bilgrami, and the rest of the T2F team for being such lovely hosts.

Let me just say – putting your work out there for people to look at and buy can be stressful. Without fail though, everyone loved the bags!

Ludicrous as it may sound, our designer, operations director and I view the handbags as our babies — we’ve seen each piece grow from a sketch on paper to a real handbag, and what happens in between is hard to describe — from selecting the embellishments in crazy marketplaces where motorbikes will reverse on your leg, and horses may poop on your foot, to doing quality control with the embroideries that get sent from Attock. At times we’ve have had to completely redesign a bag because it didn’t come out the way we had envisioned. Many pieces may need to be remade 2-3 times, and each time a trip needs to be made to sit down and bicker with the bagmaker for many hours and convince him that the quality really isn’t satisfactory just yet!

But it’s all worth it when you overhear people admiring how neatly crafted each piece is. Or when Shubha Mudgal places orders from India!