Well, friends, it’s time. We’re going global!

Through our network of female ambassadors, our handbags will now be available in Paris, London, Boulder, Seattle & Nairobi this December!

Who are our female ambassadors? They’re women who’re fashion conscious, but also want to make the world a better place! Meet two of these fabulous women below:

Sherri Leopard, our ambassador in Boulder, CO is a long-time entrepreneur who believes she has lived an incredibly blessed life. As a result, she is a huge believer in the power of small business to change lives. Her dream is that one day, anyone who has the drive and passion to start a business can do so. She also recognizes that this cannot happen without education.

Sherri chose to become our ambassador because she believes that BLISS is providing a concrete way to keep young Pakistani women in school — the first step on the journey to creating a new generation of self-sufficient women!

Jill Jacquot is our ambassador in Paris. She is thrilled to work with BLISS because it marries the two sides of her. When she was in high school, she had 2 dreams: to make a positive impact on the world, and to work in the fashion industry. She joined the Peace Corps and worked for Ralph Lauren — 2 very different worlds. Now thanks to BLISS, she says, her two worlds have met!

Jill is a communications coach; she specializes in helping entrepreneurs and not-for-profits learn how to leverage the power of public speaking. She believes that you can make a difference through public speaking that reaches the heart!

Welcome on board, Sherri & Jill! Welcome, also, our other wonderful ambassadors: Cara Mohammadian in Seattle,  Ayesha Mustafa in London and Enid Otieno in Nairobi!

Want to become a female ambassador for us? Drop us a line!