You’ve seen our stunning handbags! Want to meet the talented woman behind the designs?

This is Maryam Tahir Khan, our Head Product Designer. She is an alumna of the National College of Arts, Lahore, where she majored in Painting and Textiles. Her work has been exhibited at the famous Alhamra Art Gallery as well as other renowned galleries around Pakistan, and retailed in Pakistan and the US.

So why does Maryam do what she does — designing handbags for BLISS?

In her own words:

As a painter, I always seek a sense of fulfillment in my work. With BLISS, I’ve found much more. Not only do I get to experiment extensively with my creativity, but the thought that my artistic contributions are adding to these adolescent girls’ education and skills development, that it’s helping them stand on their own two feet as educated professionals, serves the purpose of my very being.

The girls’ enthusiasm and hard work inspires me to do more. My designs are an ode to this beautiful land of ours, its history, and its people. Each design comes with a story that we all can relate to. I can honestly say that with BLISS, I’ve found my calling.

Maryam lives in Lahore with her husband Tahir and her boisterous 3 year old son, Rafaye. These days, she is busy designing our new line of handbags!