We’re in month 3 of our newsletters, and everyone loves them! We’ve been told they are beautiful, informative, easy to read, brief and just overall fabulous. Thanks guys, you rock for sending us feedback!

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Meet Mehwaesh Islam, our Communications Director.

She is a PhD student at Imperial College London, and manages our social media (yes those awesome Facebook posts and tweets!), email correspondence, promotional materials, online campaigns, and is generally a source of much optimism and energy!

She is a passionate advocate for education and economic independence for women in the developing world. Not a surprise; she comes from the land of Mohammad Yunus and BRAC!

Says Mehwaesh:

Working with BLISS is part of my service journey. The work I do for BLISS may be small in the grand scheme of things – my contribution may not change the world, but it definitely changes me.

When she isn’t making our newsletters or saving the world through science, Mehwaesh goes to the cinema, dances, and dreams about traveling to New Zealand.