You may remember the blogpost about our first cohort of BLISS ambassadors back in November. We’re excited to now have 10 ambassadors in 10 cities around the world!

Below, read about two of our latest ambassadors:

 Harmeet Gill is our ambassador in the Bay Area, California.

An engineer by profession, Harmeet is a champion of entrepreneurship, and loves fashion. She is passionate about the two causes that have always been close to her heart: children’s/women’s rights and education.

Harmeet’s interest in female rights began in 10th grade, when she wrote an essay about the practice of honor killings. It marked the beginning of her pursuit to identify and support solutions that challenge humanity’s injustices.

She believes that every individual has endless potential and unique gifts to offer their family, community, the world – and ultimately, themselves. Says Harmeet:

Education is power. With education and perseverance, girls and women can rule the world!

Harmeet holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from MIT and a MS in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech.

Sohela Shah is our ambassador in New York.

She says she is honored to be a BLISS ambassador because it promises a better future for women and girls. When she first heard about BLISS, she was both proud and humbled because she had always envisioned working for female empowerment in her hometown of Bhopal, India. She loves that BLISS preserves a wonderful craft, hand embroidery, and propagates it with the end goal of making underprivileged girls into leaders.

Says Sohela:

Saba had a dream and she made it happen. By being an ambassador for BLISS, I can live my dream vicariously through this wonderful organization and be inspired to, one day, do the same for my own community.

Sohela has a PhD in genetics from Tufts University and is currently a researcher at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. She is known to wear silver high heels when vacuuming the house.