This summer, we are excited to have on board eight talented interns, working with us in areas ranging from Fundraising to Operations to Curriculum Development. Read on to learn more about our first cohort of changemakers!

Curriculum Consultants

Hafsa is a Political Science major at LUMS (Lahore University of Management Sciences). She is passionate about ancient mythology, enjoys comic books and has a love for the outdoors.

As a graduating senior, she is interested in jobs in the development sector, and thinks her internship at BLISS will be a stimulating and valuable preamble to that.

Narmeen is an Economics major at LUMS, with a special interest in Development Economics. Says Narmeen:

While social work has always been a part of the Pakistani culture, social work as a sustainable activity that competes with the corporate sector in efficiency is relatively new. I feel BLISS epitomizes this balance between money and meaning.


Ahmar has a Bachelors degree in Management and Organizational Studies from the University of Western Ontario. He is an avid squash player, and currently resides in Lahore. He’ll be helping BLISS with planning and execution around production, sales and distribution.

Mavra is doing her Bachelors in Economics at LUMS, and describes herself as a freewheeler with a penchant for sports. She says BLISS is a simple but powerful idea that instantly grabbed her attention.

Zahra is an undergraduate in Accounting and Finance at LUMS. Previously, she has volunteered at the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital and interned at KMPG. Says Zahra:

BLISS inspires me. It makes me believe that great things can happen with motivation!


Maria is a LUMS sophomore majoring in Anthropology/Sociology. She is an avid writer and has worked with underprivileged children on several occasions through past internships, such as at The Citizens Foundation.

Shahzaib is a freshman at LUMS, studying Anthropology and Humanities. He is interested in issues related to gender and feminism. Says Shahzaib:

 I joined LUMS to pursue a Biology degree but became so interested in gender issues that I switched to Anthropology. This same interest and drive gives me the passion to do something practical for marginalized women.

Social Media

Areeb is studying for his A-levels at Karachi Grammar School. He is passionate about public speaking, acting, elocution and more recently, Model United Nations.

Though still in high school, he has directed and produced plays, and has studied screenwriting. He will be working with Mehwaesh to manage our online presence — Facebook, Twitter, blog, newsletter etc.

We’re super excited to incorporate the skills and passion of our interns into BLISS this summer. Roll on June!