Our thoughts before our BLISS Social Media internships began ran somewhat like this: “Facebook, Twitter, blogging? And that’s supposed to be work?”

Needless to say, that changed.

As our two member team met for the first time, we realised that it would be no picnic. So the planning began. We started by pitching different ideas to each other for new campaigns, new sections and new posts. After pruning and refining this list of ideas, we proceeded to dividing the work between us (I’ll take Twitter, you take email, cool?). Very soon we each had our responsibilities, a tight schedule for various tasks and an interesting summer to look forward to.

The Social Media circle

Yet even with our impeccably organised documents and flawless schedules & timetables, the work took a few days to get used to. The transition from using our Facebook or Twitter to managing an organization’s pages took some time. But a little twiddling of our thumbs later, proficiency was almost acquired. Armed with this knowledge we embarked upon our various campaigns and operations.

Our start was characterized by nervousness, constantly returning to our posts, hoping for more views, more likes, and more retweets. However, as we posted once, then twice and then a third time we eased into our new roles. So we continued with our daily posts, in which we tried to include a quote or an image. We kept up our weekly posts, in which we tried to include a video or an informative picture. All the while though, the work behind the scenes did not stop. We’ve been hard at work on two Customer Profiles and a profile for Donor of the Month, to show you more about the people involved. To establish a better connection with the women involved in BLISS, there are also plans for a ‘Woman of the Month’ section for later this summer. As the Social Media team, it has also been our job to coordinate these Intern Diaries. Next up: the BLISS monthly newsletter.


To say the least, it’s been an interesting first week of ‘work’; a week in which we’ve truly begun to appreciate the potential of social media and one in which we were finally justified in wanting more likes on our status!

Areeb and Muneeza, the Social Media team