The object of all work is production or accomplishment and to either of these ends there must be forethought, system, planning, intelligence, and honest purpose, as well as perspiration.

These are the wise words of Thomas Edison, and that has been the theme for the BLISS interns this week.

Zahra, Mavra, Sehar and Ahmar over at Operations have been learning the true meaning of teamwork and the art of delegating. In their words:

Divide-and-conquer was our motto this week. We’ve had to take on various small tasks and larger projects, ranging from transforming our office into a cozier space more conducive to work, to hunting for and buying raw materials, to negotiating rates with shops that print and package items, to helping design the lookbook for our fall collection. And lastly but very importantly — learning how to be awesome from Barney (see image below – this is the newest addition to the wall in Saba’s office).

The Fundraising Team (with its newest member, Omair Shahzad Alam) and the Curriculum Team have been carrying out yet more research to successfully raise capital and develop a curriculum respectively.

Meanwhile, Muneeza and myself at the Social Media team have spent this week learning the phenomenal power of connectivity.

The Power of Connectivity

Where Week 1 was about being introduced to the new and exciting world of social entrepreneurship, Week 2 was about being immersed in it: a world of new ideas, innovation, creativity, and yet of practicality.

What did we learn about this world?

Admittedly, at first it was a world riddled with problems. With information streaming in from so many different sources, about so many different places with so many different problems, it seemed to be a world of never ending difficulties.

But then it was a world of genius innovation.

We learnt of countless social enterprises spread across the globe, each targeting specific social problems with realistically optimistic solutions. And lastly, it was a world of lightning-speed connectivity. We watched as social media connected the masses to the enterprises, connected donors to the enterprises and the enterprises to each other. One tweet could lead to hundreds or thousands of retweets, which could send that information across boundaries of land, language and culture.

And how have we fared in this new world? We’ve done what was to be done. We have tried to absorb and use as much of it as we can. We’re continuing to learn and innovate.

And we’re looking forward to another week of more learning, more teamwork, more fun!