For the interns on the Operations Team, this week consisted of learning about design and promotion.

The first BLISS handbags line – the Sozankar collection – is being featured in a trunk show at JJWells, a boutique store in Boulder, Colorado! Every day is about making sure we’re on track to send out our new and improved bags to Colorado. To get ready for the show, our first ever Lookbooks are on their way! In addition, the team is getting sampling done for promotional postcards and product tags (brand new ones with updated images from Hafizabad!), featuring detailed product information.

We’re also getting about 10 shipments ready for late July for our ambassadors and a few of our donors. With Adela, BLISS’ full-time hire joining the team, things are getting exciting and we look forward to another productive week!

The Social Media interns, on the other hand, realized something very obvious this week: the internet is a big place. That made us wonder how many people our digital marketing is really reaching.

So where can we find most of our audience?

We wouldn’t be wrong in assuming that the answer is Facebook and Twitter. However, there are increasing numbers of creative and fast growing social networks on the market like Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram and others.

This week was all about exploring newer social media channels – which, by the way, are much trickier than good old Facebook and Twitter. Nevertheless, you can expect us to be familiar with them and BLISS to have an active presence on these social networks very soon. For now, you can find us on Pinterest here!