Meet Scott Leonard – eco-fashion pioneer and ardent advocate for the environment, organics and social justice. And the newest person on our Advisory Board!

Scott is CEO and co-founder of Indigenous Designs – the first premium fashion company to receive fair-trade certification. Founded in 1994, the company boasts a supply chain of more than 1,500 artisans in knitting groups and cooperatives from South America, and an organic clothing line featured on the racks of Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and other high-fashion boutiques around the world. Not only are the employees guaranteed fair living wages, they are rewarded for socially conscious behavior outside of work such as earning two dollars extra per day for biking to work! Read a great interview with Scott about the challenges and future of sustainable fashion here.

In Scott’s words:

We like to say that the sweet spot of Indigenous is someplace between sustainability and serendipity.

Scott first met our CEO Saba at the Unreasonable Institute last year, and since then has been engaged with our model, and has met Saba frequently to offer his advice on scaling the enterprise.

Scott with Saba at the Unreasonable Investor Day in San Francisco

Huge thanks to Scott for joining our fabulous Advisory Board of leaders and game changers! We look forward to his valuable insights and wealth of experience to illuminate the road ahead!