BLISS’ beautiful handbags and clutches from the Sozankaar collection were featured at an event held by the Association for the Development of Pakistan (ADP) in Atherton, CA on November 7, 2012.

ADP is a volunteer-based organization that researches and funds development projects by small to medium-sized NGOs in Pakistan, in various sectors such as economic empowerment, energy, education and healthcare.


BLISS bags at the event

Tarim Wasim, ADP Co-Founder & Director, extended an invitation to BLISS to highlight and support the work of former ADP volunteers such as our CEO, Saba.

Our Bay Area ambassador, Harmeet Gill represented us at the event and took the attendees through the production process of our exquisite bags and shared with them BLISS’s mission, story, and information about the amazing women embroidering the handbags.


Harmeet Gill, BLISS Bay Area Ambassador

In addition, attendees learned about ADP’s goals and vision for the development and progress of Pakistani communities and NGOs.  The guest speaker was Sabira Qureshi, Founder and Managing Trustee of the Jamshed Akhtar Qureshi Education (JAQ) Trust.  She spoke about the collaboration between ADP and JAQ to fund simple yet sturdy temporary and mobile schools for children living in ‘katchi abadis’ (slum areas) in and around Islamabad as a part of a nomadic community.

Her background in addressing issues of poverty, gender equality, human and social development and her work ranging from activism for women’s human rights to serving as a member on the first permanent National Commission on the Status of Women in Pakistan truly complemented BLISS’ mission.


Attendee looking at Black Phulkari clutch

Throughout the event, the attendees admired the bags and were impressed by the exquisite work and quality of the handbags, some taking a bag back home with them!