We’re thrilled to announce a partnership with renowned Pakistani fashion designer, Tia Noon, of The House of Kamiar Rokni, for our upcoming 2013 collection!

Our in-house designer Mifra Inam has been toiling away with Tia these past 3 weeks as the two talented ladies design, sample and prototype our new collection, poised to be out in May/June 2013. We promise to share some teaser photos soon!


Tia Noon, prior to launching her current luxury label in partnership with her cousin Kamiar, was also the founder of the House of Linen, where she worked to bring the skills of inner Punjab women to larger markets. She still works with Rilli and block-printing done by women in her collections. Her deep passion for embroidery and embellishments, and the revival of old and dying crafts and stitches, makes this a partnership made in heaven!

The House of Kamiar Rokni combines the design talents of Tia Noon and Kamiar Rokni. In a short span of 5 years, the brand has grown to be recognised as one of Pakistan’s premier fashion design houses offering both Prêt a Porter and Haute Couture. The House Of Kamiar Rokni draws inspiration from their cultural heritage, giving it their own unique and modern twist be it in Prêt, Couture or wedding wear. The fashion house is most coveted for its focus on wearable, chic and fun clothes that have an international flavor, with each design bearing testimony to excellence in cut, workmanship and quality. Besides Pakistan, the brand has also garnered a global following, participating in numerous fashion weeks across the world.


To learn more about the talented duo of Tia and Kamiar, read this interview where the two talk about building their fashion house.